LE is a programming language built on top of C language. It has strong support for Machine Learning, Statistics in Computer Science and also strong support for Media Streaming, Image Processing, Estimation, Embedded, Cryptography, Data Science, Data Structures, Sorting, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns.
LE is created by Phu Le, LBR 03 May 2018, Vietnam. It has Cross Virtual Machine Model (CVMM) and LENI (LE Native Interface) models which built in to flexibly adapt to another programming language or program such as C/C++. It also has a safe environment, automatic memory management, and good facilities for handling strings and other kinds of data with dynamic size.


Here is basically demo of LE language: Youtube


  • LE version 1.0 Release notes:
    1. LE18 v1.0 with fully fundamental.
    2. For downloading, it only has an internal license by Phu Le.

Syntax and Example Code

To see more details of LE syntax, you can read this book: LE programming language.pdf
print(“Hello world”);
print(“Hello world\r\n”);
println(“Hello world”);
//Comment line
 Block comment
var p,t;
p,t = 305,126;